Doctors are not Immune to Mistakes

When this affects you, what do you do?

doctorAmerica enjoys the best healthcare system in the world. The latest procedures, technology and innovations in medicine are the envy of the world. However, medicine is practiced by people and people make mistakes. When that happens, it affects lives—often for a lifetime.

When your drugs don't work, but make you sick, by Regine DubonoWhat do you do when the medicines being prescribed don’t work, yet the doctors insist what is happening is normal? What do you do when they hurt and don’t help?

“Powerful Writing! It excites and motivates you to action. A truly genuine voice, and most of all, she has the courage to take a stand!”

Regine Dubono, an author with a BS in Chemistry who specializes in writing for hospitals and the medical community, authored a gripping book titled, When Your Drugs Don’t Work: But Make You Sick. The battle of trying to save her daughter from the ravages of prescriptions that are not only keeping her daughter sick, but causing other illnesses as well. The circuitous channels she must overcome and the revelations discovered along the way are all too real.

Find out why When Your Drugs Don’t Work: But Make You Sick is a must read in our over-prescribed society, where side-effects are preferable to discipline, so you can learn how to identify the problem and how to stop it.

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